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Level up your sleep by calculating your ideal bed time.

Regular alarm clocks can wake us up in the middle of nightly sleep cycles making us feel groggy in the morning.

With Hibernate, your ideal bed time is automatically calculated from your morning alarm, so you can focus on the getting full sleep cycles during the night.

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Be mindful of textneck and hunchback posture

Science tells us we look at our phones up to 85 times daily but hold our phones in a way that can cause up to 60 lbs (27kg) of strain on the neck.

Posture is a simple screen overlay that runs in the background of you're phone monitoring and reminding you of bad cellphone holding habits.

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Capture scattered thoughts, privately.

Speak your mind or express yourself through written thoughts. All your data, thoughts and entries are saved on your phone, currently there is no back up support.

You can't unthink, edit or delete your thoughts in real life, Conscious is the same, there are no drafts, editing or deleting thoughts.


Stop multitasking. Create workflows. Add tasks. Focus.

Create a Flows, add some tasks, give them a name, estimate how long they will take.

Use the Fish "Flow State" button to enter a workflow.

Focus. Complete. Repeat. Done.